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Accordion with covers

In Books on 7 07 2011 at 20:35

Aquest és el nostre primer prototip

Aquest és un llibre molt senzill, consisteix a crear una coberta de posar i treure per a un acordió. De fet, es podria fer servir per a qualsevol altre tipus de llibre o llibreta com a coberta, però aquest és el que ens va ensenyar el llibre d’on estem aprenent els primers exemples, The bookbinding handbook, de Sue Doggett.


This book is actually a combination of your average accordion-fold and a simple cover; the pages can be removed and replaced by any other accordion and in fact this style of cover can be used with many types of folds, this one just happened to be what was offered as an example in our source book: The Bookbinding Handbook by Sue Doggett.

NOTE: Generally, all materials used are found.

NOTA: En general fem servir només materials trobats.


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