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Should auld acquaintance be forgot

In Books on 28 07 2011 at 20:04

Una cose bona

Not paying any attention to our recent undoings, we´ve kept calm and moved along;  using some delicious paper found at a nearby shop, old tea bags, used kraft paper and other found materials, we assembled a tidy little treat for a dear friend of mine who lives just across the channel.  It turned out beyond my wildest hopes; well, that´s a lie really, as of course the design was conceptualised in advance, but it was truly the best thing we´ve yet fabricated.

The design is a rather simple three-hole pamphlet stitch with a papered cover board and internal cover sheets made from the kraft paper.  I would like to try putting a few together with some scrap paper we found that´s been printed on one side and see how they work as notebooks.

When it was finished I felt as if I was looking at my own newborn child.


Aquesta llibreteta que vam fer amb bosses de te reciclades com a pàgines i una cinta per a tancar com una petita carpeta va anar-se formant entre les nostres mans d’una manera màgica i té la capacitat de portar somriures a tots aquells que la veuen. Això deu ser perquè només mirant-la nosaltres vam estar somrient tota l’estona mentre la feiem. Esperem que sigui apreciada a la seva nova llar i que hi arribi sana i estalvia.

Després d’una gran decepció està bé de veure que amb paciència i cura es poden fer coses boniques.

Un Cotonet

Les peces d'una llibretaDoblegant

  1. Hope that things go well with your new Experience in book making. It is good to see people with creative Idea’s bring beauty to the world.
    Love and Prosperity to you both :)

  2. This is a beyond-wonderful book. The hard part is going to be finding words worthy of it ♥

  3. Quin llibre més xulo! Mola veure com aneu fent progressos i passos! Moltes felicitats

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