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Hardcover: Tapa dura

In Books on 26 08 2011 at 13:34


Our first hardcover book!

Estavem per aquí l’altre dia preguntant-nos què podríem fer, ja hem provat totes les tècniques que se’ns han acudit, hem fet llibres petits i mitjans, amb materials reciclats i amb materials trobats, cosits i encolats… I vam decidir que ja estavem preparats per entrar al terreny de les coses serioses: els llibres de tapa dura.

Evidentment la cosa no va ser tot flors i violes, però el resultat considerem que és força digne i com sempre, hem après dels nostres errors, principalment, posar la cola al bloc del llibre abans de provar si encaixa amb la coberta, descobrir que no encaixa quan ets a mig encaixar-lo i com a resultat col·locar-lo del tot guerxo amb una c0la massa líquida que fa que les guardes tinguin unes quantes ondulacions.

De tota manera n’estem bastant contents, però està ben clar que hem de fer més proves per a depurar la tècnica. Tots els papers utilitzats són trobats, només els materials (fil, cartró, eines) són comprats, com sempre. El bonic paper de la coberta és la part del darrera d’un catàleg de papereres i mobiliari urbà!


It’s difficult to determine when mere effort and due dilligence transcends habit and becomes passion, but it’s starting to feel extremely comfortable and even natural expressing creativity through my finger tips.  It’s easier to see that perhaps even archivists are, in a certain measure, artists: of observation of insight, collection, selection, care and analysis.  If the process of collecting materials and assembling them to render something which some consider a mere vessel can be so rewarding I’m really looking forward to the act of filling those pages

We set out to try our first hardcover notebook and the end result gives me a source of optimism for the future.

It has a really reassuring quality of strength and durability to it.  I don’t imagine I’ll be producing these for every edition but they definitely have their place in my rubric.

Important things to remember:

  •  Harvested magazine paper can be beautiful but it easily drowns and ripples when being applied with WET glues
  • Sew strong and tight and don’t give any slack.
  • Evenly space the hole/sewning marks for an equally distributed tension between the signatures
  • Puncture along the spine only marking the sewing holes
  • Score appropriately for the thickness of paper used
  • Hold on tight

I think I’ll continue to work on learning the more difficult aspects of bookbinding while commencing my own projects and ideas to fill these empty pages.

Here you can see some of its imperfections


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